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PhD Thesis

Nitrogen Transformation Pathways and Removal Mechanisms in Domestic Wastewater Treatment by Maturation Ponds

Miller Alonso Camargo Valero : 2008

Title page, Table of contents, etc.

Chapter 1.  Introduction

Chapter 2.  Literature review

Chapter 3.  Materials and Methods

Chapter 4.  Results and Discussion: Physical and Hydraulic Characterization

Chapter 5.  Results and Discussion: Maturation Pond Performance and Nitrogen Removal Efficiency

Chapter 6.  Results and Discussion: Ammonia Volatilization in Maturation Ponds

Chapter 7.  Results and Discussion: Nitrogen Removal by Sedimentation of Organic Nitrogen

Chapter 8.  Results and Discussion: Tracer Experiments with 15N Stable Isotopes in Maturation

Chapter 9.  General Discussion

Chapter 10. Overall Conclusions and Recommendations


Appendices A−F